How we work

Laptop and notebookThe first thing we’ll do is meet with you to discuss your brief. The more detailed you can be, the easier it will be for us to quote so make sure you mention any special features, functions or visual elements that you want us to include as early as possible.

As soon as you’ve signed on to work with us, we purchase your URL and set up a hosting package. We will set up a holding page which will stay in place right up until launch as we work through our stages.

Stage One – Content

Stage One and Two run in parallel as we ask that you go away and get to work on your website content. The copy on your site is every bit as important as the design, if not more so; after all, it’s the content by which people will find your website in the first place. Many people put content last, finding themselves with a shiny new website they’re unable to launch because they’ve got no words or images to put on it.

There’s another reason we ask for content sooner rather than later. Often, once you sit down to write about your business or company, you realise that you have strengths and values that you didn’t originally take into account, or decide there’s some additional functionality you’d like to include. It’s much more cost-effective and efficient to add those new requirements to the brief in the early stages – once you’re at Stage Four, those kind of changes are a much bigger deal.

Stage Two – Design

While you’re writing your content, we’re working on your design. We’ll take your values, your company strengths, your goals and any branding into account and come up with wireframes and design mockups for you. Then we’ll work through the feedback process together, making alterations until you’re happy to sign off the design.

Stage Three – Build

Once you’ve agreed a design, we’ll get to work building your website to that specification. During this process we’ll also upload your content and images, so that the site is as near to finished as possible by the time we’re ready to show it to you.

Stage Four – The Reveal

Once the site has been developed to your agreed design and functionality, we’ll take a look at it together, either in person or over the phone. This is the time to let us know if there any minor changes you’d like to make. We usually allocate a small amount of time for this final ‘tweaking’ stage which allows for a reasonable number of small changes to the agreed design, and we’ll log all adjustments carefully. Any significant or time-consuming changes will be agreed with you before proceeding.

We’ll also show you how to manage your website, editing and uploading content and images so that you can immediately start updating it, regardless of whether it is live or not.

Stage Five – The Launch

Once you’re happy with your site and have given us the go-ahead, we’ll launch it. Before you go it alone, we’ll provide you with reference material to help you manage things from here on in, as well as useful information about web content and social media.

And remember, we’re there to support you and your website for as long as you need us.