About us

We’re a small, perfectly formed multi-disciplinary team that combines technical excellence and creativity with an absolute focus on our clients’ needs.

We’ve been working in an agile way since before it became a thing – which for us means working with (not to) a brief, iterative development, complete transparency and using cloud-based tools, including Trello and Basecamp. Most importantly we stick to plain English wherever we can – so our clients understand exactly what’s going on.

This means that on a typical project we become an extended part of your team, not just the web developers who check in every now and again.

Based in Holt, Wiltshire and with offices in Frome and Amesbury, we have also access to a closely guarded network of experts across the country who join our team according to the needs of the project.


David Evans

David Evans
Creative Director

Nicola Whyte
Technical Director


John Van Ham
Senior Developer

Mark Allman

Mark Allman
Senior Developer

Tom Sykes

Tom Sykes
Senior Developer

Beth Archer

Beth Archer
UX Testing & Research


We find it hard to talk about ourselves, so we prefer the work and the people we work with to do the talking:

“Ghost worked with us to design and produce a user-friendly widget providing easy access to data that was previously only accessible through a complex API. This was a vital project as part of a wider campaign for a national government agency.

Throughout they were resourceful, dedicated and creative in the way they approached things. From interface design through to database integration they handled all that was thrown at them in a calm manner and kept the end goal in mind.

The results were very successful in increasing the reach and accessibility of the API data and the project is now being shown as an example of best practice within the government agency. Ghost come highly recommended.”

--Simon Booth-Lucking, Digital Director, Claremont PR

“It would not in any way be an exaggeration to say we couldn’t have pulled off the PRP campaign without you. Thank you so so much for your patience, thoroughness, unflappable calm, charming and positive approach, can-do attitude and passion for the subject.

It has been an absolute delight to work with Espace [now Ghost] and I would and will recommend you far and wide. It was one heck of a journey with summits and depths outside the normal parameters of working life. We are lucky to have had you as partners for the duration.”

--Briony Mathieson, Communications Director, The Prince’s Rainforests Project

“David, Nicola and the team were friendly, responsive and flexible. What made them stand out was the time and effort they put into understanding our brief, always asking for clarification and offering up alternatives we hadn’t considered. This collaborative way of working ensured we got exactly what we wanted. Pain free IT projects really are possible if you employ the right company!”

--Emma Jones, Senior Education Project Officer, Keep Britain Tidy

“I have been receiving great praise from our partners on the website. Your attention to detail and dedication to the project was impressive.
Examples include:

  • Taking the time to discuss pros/cons of navigation, and taking the initiative to offer me options that offer the website to grow;
  • Taking the initiative to extract important text on posts to transfer, rather than just transferring the links themselves
  • The seamless integration of our social media in this new platform, and allowing our most timely information to be relevant in all the right places
  • Your flexible schedule and commitment to talk to ensure the project was delivered in a timely and professional manner.

The list could go on and on – but I just wanted you to know what a true pleasure it was to work with you on this, and I thank you again”

--Charlotte Masiello-Riome, HRH The Prince of Wales’s Accounting for Sustainability Project, The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundations, Founding Director of Communicate for Good